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Win98: Enable Direct Memory Access

Direct Memory Access, or DMA, is a method which allows your computer to read or write on a drive without passing the information through the CPU first.  Sometimes called bus mastering, this reduces CPU usge and can greatly speed up performance on a slower machine.  DMA must sometimes be enabled for CD-ROM or DVD drives, and occasionally with other types of removable drives.

1. Click START >> Settings >> Control Panel.
2. Double-click “System”.
3. Click the “Device Manager” tab.
4. Double-click the CDROM branch.
5. Double-click the CD-ROM to set DMA for.
6. Click the “Settings” tab.
7. Check the DMA box.
8. Click OK.
9. Restart the computer.

Test the drive that you set up DMA for, to be sure it is functioning.  If, for some reason, it is not, then it may not be compatible with DMA access.  If that happens, repeat the steps above, except UNCHECK the DMA box. ')}

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