Enable Vista file security encryption EFS

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Windows Vista file security encrypt files (what is it and how to enable)

Encrypting File System, or EFS, is used to encrypt files or folders from other users on the network, or even on the same machine. The uses for this are varied. Any time one user on a computer has files or other data which should be kept private, EFS comes in handy. Parents can keep sensitive data away from children, children can maintain a diary that can only be read by someone logged in with their ID, or co-workers can protect senstive sales data from other co-workers who share the same computer.

Using EFS is as simple as right-clicking the file or folder you want to encrypt, selecting the file properties, and clicking the ADVANCED button at the lower right of the properties window. This will open the advanced properties window, and the encryption toggle is at the bottom of the window.

Remember though, that once this has been enabled, your password will be required to turn it back off again for that file or folder.

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