Resize Images with Windows Vista

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All of the holidays are behind us now, and everything has been cleaned up and put away, but there are still all of those holiday photos to be filed away.. memories for another day. Luckily for Vista users, there are several ways to do it. If you visit THIS WEBPAGE, you will find tips and links to several different image resizing applications, some of which you may already have installed on your PC. But don’t worry, because each piece of software mentioned also has instructions for how to quickly and easily resize images. 

The applications listed are both freeware and commercial software, including an image manager contained in the Microsoft Office Suite. Whatever your needs and budget, there is a utility available to fit your needs.

In a majority of image applications, resizing is as easy as licking the resize option, and quite a few image applications will even allow you to convert an entire directory or specified list of filenames at one time.


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