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VISTA: How To Share Folders

A Note About Vista Default Networks
Before you can share folders in Windows Vista, you need to make sure that all computers are on the same network.  In Windows XP, the default network is MSHOME (ditto for Win9x versions), but Windows Vista uses WORKGROUP (anybody remember Windows 3.11?).  If your machine is already on a working network, this has already been done.  However, if you are adding this machine, or setting up a new home network, make sure that you set this correctly.  I recommend ALWAYS using a unique name for your network, whether home or office, as it is more secure than a default name.
For help with this, check out:

Sharing Folders The Easy Way
Microsoft provided multiple ways to share folders in Windows Vista.  You can set a folder to be shared in your network settings, but there are two far easier methods.  You can also use a right-click method, and I’ll get to that also, but the easiest way is to use the Public folder.

Windows Vista contains a folder called “Public”, which is shared by default.  To use this method, simply copy the files or folders you want to share into this location.  That’s it!  Any computer on your network should be able to access the Public folder, and nothing else needs to be done.  You have the option of changing these settings if you wish.  For information on doing that, take a look at:

Sharing Folders With Right-click
Another simple way to share folders without using the Public folder is to use the right-click method.  Sharing a folder this way is possibly easier than using the default shared folder, as it will require no copying, and you won’t have to keep the files updated.  Here’s how it’s done:

1. Using Windows Explorer, locate the file or folder your want to share.
2. Right-click the folder
3. Select “Sharing”
4. Set the options as you want them to be.
5. Click “OK”

If you decide you must use the Network and Sharing functions, the information is available at the following link: ')}

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