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VISTA: Features And Fixes In SP1

Windows Vista Sevice Pack 1, or SP1, contains more than 500 hotfixes, features, and security patches.  From mundane items that no one would have ever noticed, to major patches which correct important flaws, SP1 is a valuable addition to Vista.  With features in 26 categories ranging from application compatibility to wireless networking this is more than a minor bug fix, and more of an update to the latest operating system from Microsoft.  Internet explorer came in at the top category, having more than 60 patches and updates for that application alone.

There are fixes for many media player and other multimedia issues, as well as connection fixes for wired as well as wireless networks.  A number of performance tweaks have been performed also, offering better speed and performance for Vista users.  Optical drive and Blu-ray specific problems were also addressed, allow for greater flexibility in connectin and moving portable devices on the network.  In fact, a large portion of SP1 addresses connection and netowrking issues.  A bug with connecting to a VPN after changing network adapters has been corrected, in addition to a number of Windows Mail items that needed correction.

As you can tell, SP1 is a must-have for any serious computer users, whether they are watching DVDs at home, or moving and shaking the business world while traveling.  It increases your productivity, and enhances your enjoyment at the same time as it makes surfing the internet safer and more secure.

For a complete list of the hotfixes and features of Vista SP1, please visit: ')}

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