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VISTA: Common Windows Mail Hotkeys

When using Windows Mail, you can save time by learning a few simple keyboard shortcuts.  These hotkeys allow you to use common commands without having to fumble through menus in search of the correct item to click with a mouse.  As you can imagine, this can significantly improve productivity and performance.

Main Window Shortcuts
Ctrl+M   Send and receive e mail
Ctrl+N   Open or post a new message
Ctrl+Shift+B  Open Contacts
DEL or Ctrl+D  Delete an e mail message
Ctrl+R   Reply to the message author
Ctrl+Shift+R  Reply to all
Ctrl+F   Forward a message
Ctrl+Shift+F  Find a message
Ctrl+P   Print the selected message
Ctrl+U   Go to the next unread e mail message
Ctrl+O or ENTER  Open a selected message
Ctrl+Q   Mark a message as read
TAB   Move between the message list, Folders list, and Preview pane
Ctrl+I   Go to your Inbox
Ctrl+Y   Go to a folder

Message Window Shortcuts
F7   Check spelling
Ctrl+Shift+S  Insert a signature
ESC   Close a message
F3 or Ctrl+Shift+F  Find text


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