Windows Vista vs. Windows 7

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We have all heard by now that Windows 7 is based on the Vista operating system. But if it is going to stand as an OS in its own right, it will have to improve on its older sibling. We did some research, and came up with this shortlist of comparisons based on features of Windows Vista vs. Windows 7:

  1. 7 OS installs faster than Vista

  2. 7 boots up faster than Vista

  3. 7 shuts down faster than Vista

  4. 7 can move large volumes of files faster (100 MB – 2.5 GB) both in drive and in network as well as files under load than Vista

  5. 7 can also compress and extract the same large volumes of files faster than Vista

  6. Vista installs Microsoft Office faster than 7 than 7

  7. 7 opens small and large documents and spreadsheets faster than Vista

  8. Vista can burn discs faster than 7

  9. 7 opens PDF files faster than Vista

The results above were taken from a test on an AMD processor. In the case of an Intel Pentium processor, Windows 7 is slower than Vista in matter #4 but faster in matters #6 & #7.


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