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A common mishap for computer users is to accidentally delete the My Computer Icon from the desktop.  Another common error is to replace it by dragging the icon out of Windows Explorer onto the desktop.

Why is that the incorrect way to replace the icon?  Because dragging it out of explorer creates a shortcut, it doesn’t create access to the functions.  If you right-click the icon taken from Explorer, and then click “Properties”, you are given a property box for changing a shortcut, but if you do the same thing on the real My Computer icon, you are presented with System Properties.

Here are two ways to restore the icon as it should be done:

1. Click START >> Control Panel >> Appearance and Themes >> Display
2. Click the “Desktop” tab
3. Click “Customize Desktop”
4. Check the box which reads “My Computer”
5. Click “Ok”
6. Click “Apply”

Alternately, you can do this:

1. Click START
2. Right-click “My Computer”
3. Select “Show on Desktop” ')}

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