Mapping network shares in XP

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Mapping a network share in XP

It is not difficult to add a folder or drive from the network to your computer.  For basic sharing with all other users on the network, the following seven simple steps will do the trick.  If, on the other hand, you want to only allow certain users to access a folder or drive you are making available, you’ll have to go through a little more work, but nothing that will take long to accomplish.  How to define specific users to allow access may be found in the second half of this article.

Here are the steps required to map a network drive or folder:
1. Open “My Computer”.
2. Click Tools >> Map a Network Drive.
3. Select a drive letter to be assigned locally.
4. Enter (or browse to) the network path to thee desired folder.
5. Check the “Reconnect at Startup” item.
6. Click Finish.
7. Verify that the folder or drive has been successfully added.

In order to only allow specific users to have access to a drive or folder, you must first turn off simple file sharing.  By default, this is implemented in Windows XP Home Edition and Professional.  Once you have turned off simple file sharing, the classic Security and Sharing tab will appear, and you will be able to specify users.

To disable simple file sharing:
1. Click Start >> My Computer.
2. Click Tools >> Folder Options.
3. Click the “View” tab.
3. In the Advanced Settings section, uncheck “Use simple file sharing (Recommended)”.
4. Click OK.

With simple file sharing disabled, folders may be set up to enable access to certain users.  Remember, though, that you must be logged in as a Power User, a Server Operator, or an Administrator in order to share drives over the network.

To share a folder:
1. Click Start >> My Computer.
2. Locate the folder or drive you want to share.
3. Right-click the folder or drive, and click “Sharing and Security”.
4. On the Sharing tab, click “Share this folder”.
5. To change the share name of the shared folder or drive, type a new name in the Share name box.
    A. This name is the display name used for other users to see.
    B. The actual folder/drive name does not change.
6. Click “Allow under User limit”, and then type the number of users.
    A. In Windows XP Professional, the max user limit is 10, regardless of the number that you type in the box.
    B.  Windows Server is the suggested Microsoft upgrade to have greater control over a network.
7. Click “Permissions” to set share permissions on the shared folder or drive.
8. Click OK.


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