Steps for setting up a home network

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Setting up a home network

Installing a multiple computer home network is probably easier than you think.  If both machines are using the Microsoft Windows environment, the task becomes even easier, but this is not an essential ingredient.  Routers operate the network at a machine level, and may be accessed by most modern operating systems, such as MAC OS X, Windows, and Linux.  The operating system must include the drivers to communicate with the router, and everything is likely to work fine.  Many of the routers available for home use have built-in HTML (web page) menus, which allow them to communicate with any device capable of using a web browser.

While an Ethernet router may be priced somewhat cheaper than a wireless one, the added convenience and scalability are well worth the investment of a wireless router and matching wireless interfaces for each machine.  For one thing, there are not wires to string through the house.  For another, a wireless router is able to handle a much higher number of devices, usually as many as 256, including a limited number of wired Ethernet connections.  This is opposed to an average of 8 available devices being connected to an ordinary Ethernet router for home use.  To be fair, both routers can manage the same number of devices, but connecting those devices requires even more hardware for Ethernet, in the form of a hub, or even additional routers.

To set up a home network with an Ethernet router:

1. Connect your Cable/DSL modem to the cable/dsl line and turn it on.
2. Connect the cable/DSL modem to the WAN port of  the router.
3. Power up the router. Your manual can explain the diagnostic lights flashing.
4. Connect all computers or devices to the LAN ports on the router.
5. Power up or restart the computers.
6. Open “Network Connections”, and run the setup wizard.
7. Any wireless connections that are Plug N Play should work now as well. ')}

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