What is a router?

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What is a router and how are they used

A router is a device which organizes a network, and provides the functions of network traffic control.  Each computer or other device on a network is called a node, and each node communicates with all other parts of the network by transferring information through a central router, or multiple routers.

If we consider a network to be similar to community, then the router becomes equivalent to traffic laws and devices, such as traffic lights, HOV lanes, and Do Not Enter signs.  Each packet sent through a router is verified to be eligible to use the route it wants to take, and assigned priority based on rules set up by the system administrator, and each node is assigned it’s own unique address on the network.  In this way, low priority packets, such as personal email, must wait for higher priority traffic to pass before it can be forwarded on to its destination.

Routers bring an otherwise chaotic network into an organized system.  Another way to think of a router is to consider it as the chairman on a committee, who has the responsibility of moderating discussions and appointing individuals their opportunity to present their contribution to the discussion.  Without such moderation, cacophony results, and it becomes nearly impossible to gain anything of value from the group as a whole. ')}

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