A Closer Look at Routers

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Routers are computer devices used by networks in order to route, re-route, and forwarding information to other members of that network. One of the most common examples is the internet, where one connection is shared by an entire network with the help of a router.

Perhaps one good way to understand routers better is to differentiate it from other similar devices. A router uses two or more subnets where information is sent to one or some of the other parts of the network, unlike the network hub which technically does not route any information because it automatically sends all its info to all network lines.

Routers are distinct for two levels, namely (1) control and (2) forwarding. The control plane is where the router receives outgoing information and applies the best interface it should use to deliver a particular bit of information to a certain destination. The forwarding plane is where the actual sending of such information takes place.

For even more advanced information about routers, you can check out Wikipedia.

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