What Router Should I Get?

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Picking the right kind of router for your situation is an important task because you will have different needs from others who will also be using a router. While there’s no such thing as the best router, we can come up with the next best thing – the one you are most likely need.

There are two kinds of routers, namely the wired and wireless routers. The wired ones are less expensive and more stable because of its direct cable connection, but these are less capable of setting up networks if many servers are involved. The wireless ones, however, promise mobility, making them great for laptops. With wireless routers, while a tad more expensive, you can literally bring your laptop everywhere within the router’s range and connect to the network – but this is more likely subject to wireless connectivity problems.

So it’s a matter of answering the question: Would you rather have a cheaper and more stable on the ground network connection or a mobile and wide scoped but more expensive connection?

But if you still can’t make a decision and you have a little extra money in your hands, you can always buy a wireless router that can also work with a cable connection at a much higher price. It’s all about priority and practicality.

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