Sonicwall PRO series firewalls

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SonicWALL comparing the PRO series of firewalls

The PRO series of SonicWALL is an enhanced version of the TZ series, certified by the ICSA. Every model in the PRO line can outperform the best model in the TZ series. The Pro line comes standard with its bottom three models having Standard SonicOS and its top three models feature the Enhanced SonicOS. The PRO series serves as a multi service platform for companies needing top of the line network protection that is not only fast but provides secure VPN access for employees working remotely. The PRO series is fast, efficient, and provides a nice array of protection. As with the TZ series, the PRO series comes in an array of different models the PRO 1260 being its base model and the PRO 5060 being the top of the line model.

Deep packet inspection is only available as a standard feature on the top two models and has a throughput of between 5mbps and 240mbps. Deep Packet Inspection is standard on all models and performs at a rate of 90mbps on the 1260 and 2.4Gbps on the 5060 with all other models falling somewhere in between there. All models can scan 50+ protocols and support anywhere from 6,140 to 750,000 connections depending on model chosen. The amount of nodes supported is unrestricted on all models. Up to 4,000 and a minimum of 25 site to site VPN tunnels can be had along with five to 2,000 bundled global VPN clients. The memory included on models in the PRO series varies from model to model having a minimum of 64mb memory, 8mb flash memory and a maximum of 512mb memory and 64mb flash memory.

The PRO series has the capacity for up to 25,000 threat signatures and the top two models include Gateway Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware. Some optional features for the PRO series are enforced client Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, content filtering, ViewPoint, and Dynamic Support 24 hours a day seven days a week (24×7) Included with all models in the PRO line is 90 days of Dynamic Support eight hours a day five days a week (8×5). ')}

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