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Guess what: the 3.0 version is actually rich with brand new features for the patron. Here’s a taste of some of the core features of this great writing application:

  1. Mac OS X Support. Now can run on Mac without the help of the X11. This also integrates well with the Mac’s accessibility APIs, making it more accessible than most Mac OS X applications.

  2. Microsoft Office 2007 filters. Have documents from MS Word 2007 or similar applications? No problem, because the 3.0 can read it, so you won’t have to think about compatibility issues.

  3. ODF 1.2 Compatible. Any Open Document Format in its 1.2 version can be read by the 3.0. This basically completes any user’s ability to transform document forms.

These are but some of the brand new functions guaranteed by the, but the individual applications of the 3.0 actually have their own individual new features. More information can be found in their official website.

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