How To Create Free PDF FIles

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For document creation, one of the mos popular online standards is the PDF, or portable document file. These documents can contain files or images, and often have the “feel” of a portable web page. For years, the best free PDF creator has been CutePDF, which is a quick and easy document-to-pdf converter.

Another option is to use an application that has PDF creation features built in. provides an option to export pdf files directly from the application, as do a few other applications. We mentioned because its growing popularity makes a conversion unnecessary, it provides all of the features of Microsoft Office Suite, and is free to install and use. In addition to exporting PDF documents, OpenOffice can save your files in a wide variety of formats, including Microsoft and Sun Microsystems formats, as well as many others, including xml and html.

Converting with CutePDF is a simple matter of opening the program you want to convert, or simply drag and drop onto the CutePDF icon. You’ll be able to set a few visual options, and then save the file.

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