Dell warranty service explained

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Dell Warranty Services Reviewed

Dell offers some of the best customer service and warranty guidelines of any national manufacturer.  With 24/7 representatives available to handle your problems, and online information within easy reach, Dell systems are provided with ease-of-use in mind.

Most desktop and server systems come with a warranty which is valid for 1 to 3 years.  There are three main categories for service, full coverage (on-site repair), diagnosis service center repair, and diagnosis with User repairable components.  In addition, an warranty that has expired can be extended for a nominal charge, but does not include the cost of parts and labor.  One minor drawback is that all Dell warranties begin on the day the product is shipped by Dell, so the warranty “clock” has already begun ticking before you ever receive the product.

When calling Dell for service, always have your machine’s Service Tag available.  This is a 5 or 7 character code comprised of alpha-numeric characters, and can usually be found affixed to the rear of the machine.  Using this code allows customer service, as well as Dell technicians, easy access to the particular options installed on your computer.  This saves time, and provides much greater accuracy when determining hardware conflicts, software malfunctions, and other details.

In order help you keep your investment in top running condition, Dell also offers support for many common problems, such as virus detection and removal, add-on hardware installation and support, and even software and Internet support.  Common Microsoft products, such as MS Office, Word, and Works are supported, in addition to Adobe Acrobat.  Netscape, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Outlook are a few of the Internet packages supported.

For a more detailed look at what is and is not covered by Dell warranties, please visit: ')}

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