Change Management Using AGPM

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Keeping track of Group Policy changes can be a daunting task if done manually. Luckily, Microsoft’s AGPM utility makes this process a whole lot easier.

The Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM) tool from Microsoft is a great new tool that goes well beyond the abilities of the traditionally used Group Policy Management Console (GPMC).

One of the more notable features of AGPM is its change management functionality. In larger networks you may have several people who are responsible for maintaining group policy objects and if this is the case then it is nearly impossible to keep up with when they are modified. Using AGPM change management you can keep track of who made changes to a GPO, when the change was made, and what the change was. Not only that, but you can also generate change reports that give a detailed view of all of the changes that have taken place to a GPO in a simple to read HTML format. ')}

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