Configure ntbackup in Windows server

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Server 2003: How To Use NTBackup

Having a back up of your system will almost certainly save you hours of headache somewhere down the line.  Hardware fails, files become corrupted, and accidents happen, all of which could spell disaster if you aren’t prepared.  Below are the step by step instructions for performing a backup in Windows Server 2003.  Although ntbackup does backup and restore a Windows machine and all its files we always recommend using a commercial backup system such as Symantec Backupexec for a more advanced and granular backup + restore.  Note that this method also works in Windows server 2000.

1. Click START >> Run.
2. Click “OK”.
3. Select the folders or drives you’d like to back up.
    A. Click “Advanced Mode”.
    B. Select the “Backup” tab.
    C. Click “New” on the Job menu.
    D. Check the files, folders, or drives that you want to back up.
        e. Check the box beside “System State”.
4. Select a location for the backup files.
    A. Under “Backup Destination”, select the backup destination you’d like to use.
5. Click “Start Backup”.
6. Choose whether to “Append” (Add to an existing file), or “Replace”
7. Click “Advanced”.
8. Check the “Verify data after backup” box.
9. Select the “Backup Type”.
10. Click “OK”
11. Click “Start Backup”
    A. Wait for the backup to finish, which is likely to to take a while
12. Click “Close”.
13. Click “Exit”.

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