Copying Profiles Using Sysprep

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There is a feature that is recently new to Sysprep that can speed up your time and get rid of one of the larger headaches of using the tool.

One of the things that has always frustrated me those most when using Sysprep on a machine is having to copy my working profile over to the default user profile. Inevitably, you are always going to forget something and have to back and add it in, and then have to go through the whole process of logging in as another user and copying that profile back over.

One of the great new features of the Windows XP SP2 version of Sysprep is that it does this for you. You can create your working profile (the profile you want to replace the Default User profile) under your administrator account logon, and when you run Sysprep it will automatically copy this profile over the Default User profile for you. You have just saved ten minutes! ')}

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