Managing Multiple Virtual Servers in One Place

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A lot of people are under the impression that to manage multiple virtual servers you need to log onto them all interactively. This tip debunks that myth.

When managing multiple Virtual Server installations a lot of administrators are under the impression that you must log into each one of them individually in order to access their respective administration web pages. However, you can easily access all Virtual Server installations from one administration web page if you know where to go.

1. Open the Virtual Server administration web page
2. Go to “Virtual Server Manager” under the Navigation heading and click “Switch Virtual Server”
3. Type the name of any Virtual Server installation on your network and click “Connect”

Assuming you have permission to connect to the server you typed in, you should now be able to manage it from the same web page that you were using to manage your other Virtual Server installation. This saves you from constantly having to log in and out of Virtual Server host computers.

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