Using the TSKILL Command to End Processes

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How to Use the TSKILL Command

The TSKILL command can be executed via the command line to end processes by a particular name or process id. The usage of this command is as follows:

tskill ProcessID | ProcessName [/server:ServerName] [/id:SessionID | /a] [/v]

ProcessID – The ID of the process you wish to terminate.
ProcessName – The name of the process you wish to terminate.
/server:ServerName – Used to specify a remote terminal service to issue the command against.
/id:SessionID – Specifies the session in which the process you want to end resides
/a – Ends all processes by the specified name or ID running in all sessions on a server
/v – Displays information about the actions performed

**NOTE: /server:ServerName must be used in conjunction with /id:SessionID or /a
**NOTE: You can use the “query process” command to find the name and id of a process

This command can come in handy especially when trying to fight a virus or spyware outbreak within your enterprise. By simply including this command in a batch file within a GPO you can effectively terminate the malicious process when a user logs in. ')}

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