Which version am I running?

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How to find the version of a program, OS or FPSE.

For most Windows programs, you can find out the version of the program you are running by selecting Help | About programname. This will generally also tell you the service pack level of the program as well. Here are some more “”which version (and SP) am I running?”” tips for you:

To find the version (and SP) of Windows you are running, open a command prompt and type ver
To find your version of Exchange, use Exchange System Manager, select Servers, and examine Server Version which is 6.0 for Exchange 2000 and 6.5 for Exchange Server 2003.
For FrontPage Server Extensions, search your C: drive to see if you have either of the following files: fp4awel.dll (you have FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions) or fp5awel.dll (you have FrontPage 2003 SE or possible SharePoint if you have it installed).

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