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Administer Exchange 2000 from Windows XP

Using a Windows XP Computer to Manage Exchange 2000
Where there is no SP1 or SP1a installed on a Windows XP Pro computer it is possible to administer changes to the Exchange 2000 server. Information on what to do when Service Packs are installed, or where Exchange 2003 is present, can be found at

The process requires the computer to be part of the same domain as the Exchange server. Information on this process can be found at The Active Directory tools then need to be installed from the Windows 2000 Adminpak. You may see a warning about version problems, but this warning can be safely ignored.

All tools can be installed although it is not strictly necessary to do so. A command prompt is necessary and needs to have the following command entered into it –
msiexec /i adminpak.msi ADDLOCAL=FeADTools /qb

Once the Adminpal tools have been installed the Exchange 2000 administration tools need also to be installed from the E2K setup. This can be done from the setup.exe application on the CD, which requires the CD key to be entered. When the Microsoft Exchange 2000 folder opens, the installation type needs to be altered to custom, and then the Management tools subfolder needs to be changed to Install. Once confirmed these changes need to be accepted and the setup process will run automatically.

It is then necessary to remove previous Active Directory tools so that they can be replaced by the Windows Server 2003 adminpak.msi tools. This can be done through the normal Add/Remove Programs tool. Installation then follows through the following command prompt –
msiexec /i adminpak.msi ADDLOCAL=FeADTools /qb

This should ensure that the correct version has been installed. This can be checked once again through the Add/Remove Programs, as well as the Start menu and the Microsoft Exchange folder. In the folder the Active Directory Users and computers will show the Win2003 product with the correct options.

Additionally Service Pack 3 can be downloaded –
Download Exchange 2000 SP3 (165mb) ')}

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