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A common problem when setting up Exchange server 2003 with the POP3 connector is that it only allows you to download email in 15 minuite intervals.  We never understood why Microsoft set this as the lowest time interval in which you can download mail (who wants to wait 15 minuites to get email?….).  We have 2 solutions for this problem, the first fix is a Registry hack that will allow you to download every 5 minuites with the Exchange POP3 connector.  The second solution is a third party application that we have used from time to time that allows for a 1 minuite download interval for the Exchange POP3 connector (cost for licensing is per user).

Solution 1 (setting pop3 connector to 5 minuite)
Open the registry exditor regedt32 and edit this key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftSmallBusinessServerNetworkPOP3 Connector

Add Dword: “ScheduleAccelerator”=dword:00000003

This hack works by dividing the default schedule interval by that value. For example, the server connector is set to 15 minutes, the lowest setting. Set the reg value to 3, so 15 divided by 3 equals 5. This makes it a 5 minute interval.
Solution 2 (setting pop3 connector to 1 minuite)
We have used this software to make exchange download mail every 1 minute, this software does cost its licensing fees (we have not found anything that is free yet.. if you have a solution please let us know) ')}

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