Change pop3 banner in exchange

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Change the POP3 Banner

Changing the POP3 Banner as Displayed when Connecting to the Exchange Server
A banner similar to that listed below will normally appear when connecting to Exchange 2000 or 2003 server through the Post Office Protocol, or POP.

•    Microsoft Exchange 2003 POP3 server version 6.0.4417.0 (your_server_name) ready.

More information about the functionality of Post Office Protocol can be found at

The banner can be changed but issues may arise if the Active Directory is changed when a user is making use of ADSI Edit snap-in, LDP Utility or any other form of LDAP client. These issues may be resolved through the reinstallation of Windows servers but may not be.

The changes though can be made through the use of MetaEdit or Metabase Explorer. Through these, or other metabase editing tool the LmPOP3SVCvirtual server number file needs to be found. Then editing can proceed by clicking on New and then String Record.

Once the ID box entry is shown to be Other, 41661 can be typed into the same box. The Data box also needs to be changed to the banner that you are after. For Windows Server 2003 and later versions of MetaEdit it is necessary to double click on the new value to enter the text required.

Changes can be seen after the POP3 Virtual server has been restarted, and then through navigation to port 110, this should then show that the original banner is no longer on show. ')}

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