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Create new PF Tree on Exchange 2003
Creating Public Folder Trees in Exchange 2003
Although there is a group of Public Folders that are automatically created when Exchange 2003 is installed, it might be preferential to create new Public Folder trees to store specific tasks or newsgroups.

More information on creating Public Folder Trees in Exchange Server 2003 can be found on

In 2003 though, it can be done through the Exchange System Manager and the Folders branch. Once there folders should be right clicked on, when New – Public Folder Tree is selected, which should be renamed.

New Public Folder stores can also be created through the Exchange System Manager. Servers, Server name and First Storage Group should be expanded, and then First Storage Group should be right clicked on. This will then allow for New – Public Store to be chosen. Within the General tab, a name should be entered, and this name should match the name chosen in the Public Folder Tree.

Then within Associate Public Folder Tree locate the folder that you have created and confirm. The database tab will contain names that have been automatically created from the folder name, and you should then confirm the folder creation. The system will also ask whether you wish to mount the new store, this purely means that the store will be usable, so again confirm.

The newly created Public Folder Tree can then be connected to the Public Folder Store via the Exchange System Manager. In the Folders branch, right click on the root folder branch that has just been created, and then choose Connect To from the context menu. This will then allow the Public Store to be linked up.

This of course means that the folder store will only be able to be accessed through EXIFS or Web Browser. More information about this can be found on ')}

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