Disable active sync in owa 2003

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Disable Spell Checking in OWA 2003
Disabling Spell Checking in OWA 2003
OWA 2003 has preinstalled spell checking for sending emails in English, Spanish, Korean, French, German and Italian. Additional languages are also available through the download of the Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 1.

It is possible to disable the spell checker if so desired. This can be done by opening Regedit and then locating –


Then a key named DisableSpellCheckOnSend should be found or created, the key should by the type Reg_DWORD.

Once found the key should have a value of 0x00000001 which will mean that the spell checking option for all outgoing mail is no longer available. A value of 0x00000000 allows automatic spell checking. A change in the value is immediately put in place so there is no need to restart the computer.

3.    Create New Top-Level Public Folders in Exchange 2000/2003
Creating Top Level Public Folders in Exchange 2000/2003
Exchange and Outlook, the 32-bit Exchange clients, allow for the administration of public folders, but it is a process that can also be undertaken through such things as Windows Explorer.

Top Level Public Folders can be done through Outlook by expanding Public Folders and then double clicking on All Public Folders. This will then allow for the File Menu to be chosen and New-Folder to be picked. Then it is a question of choosing a name and then confirming. Sub-Folders can be created through the same process, and folders can be dragged into the Top Level Public Folders within the Mailbox.

The process in Windows Explorer requires you to open Explorer in Exchange server and then navigate to M: drive. Once there go to the Public Folder store and choose New from within it, and then the new folder should be renamed. ')}

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