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How Do I Install Exchange 2K Active Directory Connector If I Am Using Windows 2000?
Here is a quick and simple steps on how to install Exchange 2000 Active Directory Connector if your pc is using Windows 2000:

1. You need to log on to Windows 2K domain controller. You need to log on as a member of the Enterprise Administrator, Schema Administrator’s group, and as a domain administrator.
2. Insert in the CD drive your Exchange 2000 server CD ROM.
3. Click “START”, then “RUN”, afterwards, type “CD ROM drive:adcsetup.exe”
4. Click “Next” button in the welcome dialog box
5. Click the check boxes for the “Microsoft ADC (Active Directory Connector) Service and Microsoft Active Directory Connector Management”, then click the “Next” button
6. Just follow the prompts by clicking “next” until the setup is complete, click “FINISH”


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