Limiting the Creation of Public Folders in Exchange 2000/2003

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Limiting the Creation of Public Folders in Exchange 2000/2003

The top most Public Folder is known as the Top-Level Public Folder, and be default is a folder that anyone can create. The default though can be changed through the use of the Directory Service Interfaces editing tool as found in the Support Tools of Windows.

Opening the Editing tool through Start/Programs/Windows 2000 Support Tools, Tools, ADSI Edit, double click on the Configuration Container.

Once opened expand the CN=Configuration, CN=Services, CN=Microsoft Exchange, and then click on the container for your business before selecting Properties. Then choose the Security tab and then click on Advanced. Permissions will need to be changed, so locate the Everyone entry that relates to “Create Top Level Public Folder”, then select the Deny checkbox. Exit through all of the dialog boxes and then close the editing tool.

This process will though also include you in the denial process, to make sure that you can create top level folders you will need to use specific groups of people rather than Everyone.

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