Manage exchange server from a desktop

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How To Manage An Exchange 2003 server from a Workstation with Windows 2000/2003/xp?
Here are the steps to follow in order to manage Exchange 2003 server from a pc with windows 2000/2003/xp:

1. You need to install the Exchange system management tool. This is to make sure that your pc meets all he requirements needed
2. Install the required windows server; this depends on your computer. Here are your choices depending on your pc: Windows xp service pack 1, Windows Server 2003, Windows xp SP2, Windows 2000 Server SP3, Windows 2000 Professional SP3.
3. Run the Exchange set up in the “SETUPI386” folder. Select the installation action to custom on the component selection page, then, select the Microsoft Exchange System Management Tool.
4. Go to the “Start Menu” once the installation is complete and check for the shortcut exchange folder.
5. Your last step is to install the latest Service pack of Exchange 2003.

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