Enable multiple domains in exchange server

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Enable multiple domains in exchange 2003

By default, Exchange handles the mail being transferred on a singlee domain. If multiple domains must be used, the Default Recipient Policy must be updated to contain all domains being used. The process is fairly simple, and will only take a few minutes. In order to perform these changes, you must have server authorization, or the task must be referred to your system administrator.

1. Start Exchange System Manager.
2. Expand the Recipients container.
3. Click Recipient Policies.
4. Open the properties of the appropriate policy in the right pane.
5. Click the E-Mail Addresses tab.
6. Add any additional SMTP addresses that you want hosted.
a. Click New.
b. Click “SMTP Address”.
c. Click OK
d. In the Address box, type “@” followed by the name of the SMTP domain.
7. The new address space is now listed on the E-Mail Address tab.
8. Click the check box next to the address that you created.
9. Click OK.

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