OWA 2003 Causing IE7 to Crash

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OWA 2003 Causing IE7 to Crash








When composing and sending a message in Outlook Web Access it has become a common problem to find that Internet Explorer 7 crashes. It is a known issue and a fix has been posted by Microsoft which needs to be downloaded and installed.


Update for Exchange Server 2003 SP2 (KB 924334)

This installation does mean that the Exchange services will be down for the duration of the installation process.


For those people operating Front End and Back End servers the fix does need to be installed on the Front End Servers first. If this is not done issues may occur in the running of Outlook Web Access.


Once the fix has been installed then the S/MIME control must be uninstalled on all machines using Internet Explorer 7, and reinstalled from the server. This can be done by making use of the Add/Remove Programs facility within the Control Panel. OWA’s Options screen should be used to reinstall the new version.


The fix linked to is a new fix and replaces previous fixes which need to be reinstalled.




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