Pre-configuring Default Folder Languages

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Pre-configuring Default Folder Languages

When logging into Microsoft Outlook Web Access for the first time the Calendar, Journal, Tasks, Notes and Contact folders are always created in English. The MAPI, Messaging Application Programming Interface, folders though are created in the local language. The MAPI folders are the Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items and Deleted Items.

The mailbox folders though can be pre-configured through the creation of a new registry setting – HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesMSExchangeWebParameters

The created new value is named – DefaultLCIDForCDO1, type: REG_DWORD

The value is actually the Local ID that the folders should be in, for example the value should be 0x080A for Mexican Spanish. The values for other languages are listed below and need to be entered in Hex notation.

0x0409: //English (US)
0x0809: //English (Britain)
0x1009: //English (Canada)
0x1409: //English (New Zealand)
0x0C09: //English (Australia)
0x1809: //English (Ireland)
0x1C09: //English (South Africa)
0x2009: //English (Jamaica)
0x2409: //English (Caribbean)
0x040C: //French (Standard)
0x080C: //French (Belgium)
0x100C: //French (Switzerland)
0x0C0C: //French (Canada)
0x140C: //French (Luxembourg)
0x0407: //German (Standard)
0x0807: //German (Switzerland)
0x0C07: //German (Austria)
0x1007: //German (Luxembourg)
0x1407: //German (Liechtenstein)
0x0411: //Japanese
0x080A: //Spanish (Mexico)
0x040A: //Spanish (Traditional)
0x0C0A: //Spanish (Modern)

This can be entered on the machine with OWA on it. The Microsoft Internet Information Server should be stopped, and then the Cdo.dll should be replaced under WinrootSystem32. The quoted registry key and value should then be added, before the Microsoft Internet Information Server is restarted.

This process will ensure that any new client logons will see folders named in the same language as established through the registry key.


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