Mircosoft Server 2008: System Requirements

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If you’re wondering why your Microsoft Server looks limited or is acting funny, check the minimum requirements. That’s usually the reason why your computer can’t handle the system. Here’s a list straight from their home base:

Processor: 1GHz/x86 processor or 1.4 GHz/x64 processor, but Itanium based systems will need an Itanium 2.

Memory: The minimum is 512 MB worth of RAM. As for maximum, 32-bit systems can go with 4 GB at standard while 64-bit systems go at 32 GB. For Enterprise and Datacenter systems, 32-bit systems have a max of 64 GB and 64-bit systems have a 2 TB max. Itanium based systems, however, can go up to 2 TB.

Disk Space Requirements: You’ll need at least 20 GB for 32-bit systems and 32 GB for 64-bit systems. But this doesn’t include the additional disk space required for paging, hibernation and dump files for computers with 16 GB RAM or more.

Drive: DVD Rom

Display: Super VGA (800×600)

Of course you’ll also need a keyboard and a mouse. But in case you don’t have the above requirements and you don’t want your computer slowing down, then perhaps it’s better you go down to an earlier version that suits your system.


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