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Microsoft SharePoint “out of the box” features and benefits to your company

Microsoft SharePoint offers many features and can benefit your company in many ways. SharePoint offers collaborative workspaces, portal connecting, and social computing tools. These three combined help to reduce cost by using existing networks and not having the need to create new ones for use with SharePoint. The portals that can be created with SharePoint are highly scalable to help in building internal and external websites. SharePoint features enterprise search which is quick and easy to use. SharePoint allows users to manage many different kinds of data and puts many file shares and personal drives in one central repository.

MS SharePoint and benefit a company in many different ways. SharePoint simplifies document review and approval, issue tracking, and signature collection. SharePoint allows these services to be completed without doing any additional programming.  Not having to program is made possible by using forms with built in data validation rules to avoid errors and redundancy.  SharePoint is customizable so that the security settings, storage policies, and auditing policies you can be sure that the security levels are up to your company standards. Data can be sent and shared between users and authors and can have scheduled deployments to intranet or internet sites. To help with projects that can not be done using out of the box features over 300 companies have created third party applications for SharePoint.

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